Monday, March 31, 2014

Saturday Emergency

My wife and I met at Northwestern University and my wife also went to Northwestern Law School. Consequently, we have a strong bond to our alma mater. Even though we are far from Chicago now, we try to stay involved, and this Saturday we were at the South Florida Big Ten Alumni Picnic which was a great time to meet some of the other area Northwestern alum's and also fellow Big Ten conferencers. It was a great time and I did learn one thing... those Penn Stater's know how to party!!
Folks from each Big Ten school were there at the picnic... Kind of like above :)
 Anyway, about 30mins into the picnic my phone rings and it is one of our new patients. She broke a tooth and was having some pain to cold and hot. She had no problem reaching me since I give my cell phone to each patient because I want to be available whenever they need me. I know a lot of doctors that are shy about that sort of thing but I am definitely the opposite. I want my patients to know they can get in touch with me whenever they have a concern or question. I still have the one and only cell phone number I've ever had: 708-323-7426 and I encourage anyone to call or text me anytime with their dental questions.

The new patient had heard that we had extended hours and was hoping we would be open on Saturday. I told her that we didn't have regular Saturday hours yet and she said that she didn't mean to bother me and that she would put some wax on her tooth until Monday. She's such a sweet lady but of course that was not an acceptable solution for me at all and I told her I would be happy to meet her later in the afternoon to take care of her issue.

A couple hours later we met at the office and I was very glad we did. She had broken a crown which exposed the nerve and I could see how she would be in pain. I was able to cover and protect the tooth and schedule her for more definitive work on Monday. We were both happy that she would be out of pain for the rest of the weekend.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I think that is what being available is all about! I love what I do and I think a big part of doing it well is being there when people need you the most. Fisher & Addison Dental is here for you!

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